Assorted Crafts Rental

Sand Art is another craft option that offers creativity to be explored. Sand Art cards are provided with 4 different sand colors.

Spin Art– Looking for a colorful craft? Spin Art is perfect! Each child picks out colors to add to their Spin Art Card.

Once they are satisfied with their color palette, they are able to place the card in a frame to take home.

Wax Hands– Dip your hands in big tubs of colorful wax to create a memorial sculpture to bring home!  This is a fun “hands-on” craft for all ages, but we do recommend ages 10 and older!  You can make a wax replica holding a friends hand or use a fun prop!  With this fun craft, we will provide an attendant to walk you through this process.  You will have a variety of colors to choose from too!

Pumpkin Decorating– The perfect fall craft…pumpkin painting!  Participants can choose paint or stickers to make the perfect pumpkin

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