Assorted Carnival Games Rental

The Duck Pond is a great game for all ages. If the numbers on 2 ducks match, they win a prize!

Kiddie Striker– Just like the full version, our kiddie striker allows the littlest guests to test their strength. Your choice of our friendly clown or happy lion requests that players use the mallet and strike the target with enough power to have effective hit indicated by the bell ring.

Hi- Striker– Step right up and test your strength with this carnival classic hi striker attraction. Use the mallet to strike the target with enough force to ring the bell at the top. Guests will come back to this challenge over and over seeking a successful hit.

Plinko– Our freestanding plinko board allows your guests to drop their disk to the bottom to reveal their prize. Get more information about our plinko board rentals.

Bingo– This timeless game of number matching and chance, Bingo is perfect for a group. Anyone can play this game, until “bingo” is called. Cards, marker chips, cage and numbered balls are included.

Inflatable Cash Cage- Looking for a fun payout, step inside our inflatable cash cube. Guests will have the opportunity to grab as much as possible while the bills quickly whirl around, but time is money. Once the clock stops it’s on to the next guest. The see-thru casing allows spectators to enjoy watching the wild grabbing efforts.

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