Assorted Frame Games Rental

We offer a selection of different frame games to pick from!

See what we offer below!

Alien Invasion- Uses rocket launchers to propel foam rockets at the targets. Can be set up and used indoors or out.

Shark Attack- Step up to feed the shark! The goal is to throw the fish into the mouth of the shark.

Froggy Fling– Pop the flies into the frogs mouth.

Golf Chipping Challenge–  Chipping challenge with Velcro golf balls.

Frisbee Toss– Toss Frisbees into the target slots.

Soccer Kick- This is a perfect game for any event! A perfect twist on a standard carnival game with this canvas style soccer kick!

Gopher Golf Challenge– Chipping challenge with Velcro golf balls.

Baseball Toss Game– Throw baseballs into the catcher’s glove!




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